Catraca Livre

One of the most accessed Brazilian WordPress sites. I started this project as a freelancer in 2007, programming everything, and today its a huge platform. It has some killer softwares, like caching, georeferenced posts, mobile app, events agenda and so on.


Flexperto startup website. I've made the WordPress Theme based on custom design files provided by the client.

HaiKai Photos



I was part of this project mainly with client briefings and project manager.

MOC Brasil

This site is a online version of a book. It accepts xml files generated by Adobe Indesign, and the whole site is updated every year with the same files used to print the paper version. It is very interesting how we made it with WordPress. I was the developer.

Colégio Bandeirantes

Theatro Municipal de São Paulo

Julia Petit

Forum Clima

Mapa de Articulações - Canal Futura

Site I made with georeferencesd posts. It is a map of volunteers of a educational TV channel in Brazil